About us




Craftiv8 Ltd formed in early 2017 to bring an exciting new approach to crafting with the following mission statement 
“Bridging the digital environment of the internet, games and electronics with hand crafting skills from sculpting, beading, sewing and so on. We aim to bring traditional craft activities into a new platform and create new exciting content that encourages new and old crafters alike.


 Galactic Plastic

Craftiv8's first product, is a unique and completely new crafting material that is flexible and skin safe. This colourful low melt crafting and sculpting plastic has almost no smell and is so easy to work with low power heat tools.

It is bendable at 60c and you can marble and change the colour at 90c and be used with silicone moulds.

From making jewellery items to fashion accessories or bags. The plastic bonds well to fabrics, paper and card. Can be cut with scissors, a mixed media die cutter and easily sewn through and sculpted. A few examples of which are shown below.

We are sure there is lots more you can do...... your imagination is your limit!

The material started out it's life being used to develop a new range of medical devices to help adults and children suffering with lower limb conditions such as Hip Dysplasia and Cerebral Palsy.

It became "Galactic" when one of their researchers added in some interesting pigmentation and "voila".... it became a  mini Galaxy...... and comments from crafters gave it its name 

The benefit of Galactic Plastic is that it is fully recyclable 

Watch this space to learn more about our novel recycling scheme