Galactic Plastic 50mm x 105mm Material Pack

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Galactic Plastic is a unique and completely new crafting material that is flexible and skin safe. This colourful low melt art & crafting medium has no smell and is easy to work. Just use with low power heat tools, like the GP Warming plate or microwave on low. It is bendable at 60C and you can marble and change the colour at 90C. GP bonds well to fabric and paper so it makes for great patches and badges. It’s also great fun for mixed media!

Instructions: Just cut up to desired shapes and melt together on the GP warming plate or in the microwave on a ceramic plate for 2-3 minutes.

Available in 5 options: Nebular, Marvellous Meteorite, Solar Flare, Cosmic Ray or Awesome Asteroid

and Seasonal Limited Editions

Product Contents:

Nebular: Magenta / Blue / Green / Black / Crystal


Marvellous Meteorite: White / Silver / Gold / Blue / Crystal


Solar Flare: Yellow / Dark Orange / Light Orange / Gold / Crystal


Cosmic Ray: Dark Orange / Green/ Gold / White / Crystal 


Awesome Asteroid: Purple / Black / Poppy Red / Silver / Crystal


Seasonal Limited Editions

Pastel Pulsar: Light Blue / Light Pink / Silver Green / Light Yellow / Coral

Radical Romance - Radiant Red/White/Poppy/Pale Pink/Crystal