Warming Plate

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The warming plate is a key tool in working with Galactic Plastic, you can heat the material and marble it to create unique patterns or use it for blending and shaping. It is a totally flat surface allowing you to work on it with card or fabric under the material, bonding it directly without the use of glue! This tool was custom developed for Galactic Plastic and has lots of uses in working it and the material. It’s ceramic and aluminium construction is high quality and it has an indicator switch and LED so you know when it’s on at a glance.

non toxic / skin safe

When working on warming plate take care to heat and then work off the heated surface to prevent risk of burning yourself. If over heated with hot air gun take care when handling. Working temps are 60c-120c

Age 16+

Product Contents:

Galactic Plastic Warming Plate and Heat Matt.